The Forgotten Colour of Dreams (2018)

A film Written and Directed by Johnny Clyde



Synopsis -

An experimental film shot on VHS. The personification of death traverses through separate stories discussing love, life, religion and beauty as she tries to help an assortment of characters through their final stop.

"Without a doubt one of my favourite films of this decade. I found this to be a deeply engaging and melancholic reflection on what it means to have lived, memories, and the human concept of beauty, all framed through a nostalgic home-video aesthetic, employing some really experimental and ethereal visuals in a tondoscope aspect ratio. The role of Death, ironically, is given a strange sense of humanity by Nina Viola, who brings a very graceful first time performance to the table. Death is who I felt most connected to, oddly enough. It felt as though she was taking me on my own journey, and helped me to reflect on my own recent memories and experiences.


The Forgotten Colour Of Dreams is honest. It’s genuine. It was a deeply personal viewing experience. This won’t be for everybody, but I would encourage as many people as possible to either watch this before the link is taken down (contact the film maker on his review) or to follow this for a potential future release. People like Johnny Clyde are the future of film making and I have immense respect for his artistry - I’m very excited to see where he takes us next." - Sam Nixon

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