Unspoken Thoughts


‘Osagda tankar’ 

Directed by Edvin Eriksson

A dreamlike walk toward the inevitability of change, of aging and of growing apart. Osagda tankar has a simple beauty imbedded in its poeticism. Four youths have found their identities within a group but the tragic irony is when the self-awareness of each member of the group materializes and matures they inevitability begin to shed their naivety, realize that this moment in time cannot last forever, cannot be as it was, thus see themselves as individuals that found themselves through the group and now must watch the demise of the groups' dynamics. Strong piece with great cinematography and some poignant writing in the voiceovers by Edvin Eriksson. - Zach Nabors

Festival Selections -

Feel The Reel international film festival - Official Selection

Boston Short Film Festival - Official Selection

Roma Cinema DOC - Official Selection

Hong Kong Arthouse Film festival - Official Selection

InShort film festival Nigeria - Official Selection 2018

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